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Tips for Spring Cleaning your Home and Office

Spring cleaning is that time of the year when no one wants to clean their homes. However it is essential that you make your home look spotless and almost as good as new from time to time. The following tips from Commercial cleaning Melbourne professionals would have your home looking spic and span in a matter of days.

Start by dusting from top to bottom

Make sure that you start dusting from the top. This way all the debris falls to floor and is easier to clean. The key is to start with small spaces each day. If you are up to it, doing everything in one go is even better. The key is to start dusting then cleaning and finally vacuuming.

Get rid of past junk

Anything which hasn’t been used in the past one year, no matter how dear to you should go. that’s because junk piles upon junk and soon your home would be filled with unwanted knick knacks. Therefore it is important that you get rid of the clutter and donate the things which you haven’t worn or wouldn’t need to the less fortunate. It won’t only give you ample space but satisfaction as well that you did your bit for helping someone out.

Get those curtains cleaned up

When you spring clean your home don’t forget to get the curtains cleaned as well. Months of dust accumulates on the curtains and can start making them look dull and dusty. Take off the curtains and wash them. If they are drapes you might need to get them to the dry cleaner. Before you send them for dry cleaning though make sure to take of all the hooks.

Clean your drawers from inside

Always make sure that you thoroughly clean your drawers and after cleaning wipe them with a wood cleaner. All the bedding and comforters need to be washed at the hottest setting possible and then put out to dry completely in the sun. This way you would get rid of any bed bugs and their larvae along with the moths.

Clean those lights as well

Turn off the switch, remove the lamps and the shades and give them a thorough cleaning as well. Give the parts a deep clean for parts which can’t be removed simply use a soft cloth and wipe off the dust.

Get Help from the family

Spring cleaning your house on your own ca be pretty daunting. Make sure you enlist the help of older children or your spouse so that all the responsibility doesn’t fall on you or overwhelm you in any way.

Home cleaning professionals

However, if you are a mother with little children or too busy at work, spring cleaning your home thoroughly can be a bit of a problem. You may have to resort to calling professional cleaners. Professional cleaners can actually have your home looking great in the shortest while. Though you might have to pay them but the end result is something which you would cherish. Many companies provide house cleaning services in Melbourne, visit their site for more details about home cleaning services. They will send in professional cleaners who would have your home looking good as new in the shortest while.